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EOS-1 Network is pleased to announce the acquisition of this state of the art carrier class data facility in downtown Los Angeles, California. With redundant everything, this facility will allow us to take that next step in the growth and development of our company. This facility is owned by EOS1/EOS-1, Inc. and will be for the exclusive use of EOS-1 Network.

EOS-1 Network is connected throughout the world via OC192 internet backbone fiber. EOS-1 Network operates several networks and interconnects networks via BGP4 via CISCO 12000 GSR and JUNIPER routers. EOS-1 Network offers true multi-homed gigabit connectivity with gigabit connections to XO, SAVVIS, AT&T, MZIMA, and Level 3. We offer both quality network connectivity with private peering and also offers low cost and reliable network connectivity.


Unmatched Speed, Performance and Reliability
Our Network is designed to offer you unmatched speed, performance and reliability on a global basis. Our Private Network Access Points are strategically located throughout the country so your data is directly connected to the Internet. By maintaining robust connectivity at each Private Network Access Point, EOS-1 Network gives you the most direct route on the Internet. Your data speeds through a controlled, performance-guaranteed environment that completely bypasses the congested public Internet exchange points. We are sure this unique infrastructure will make EOS-1 Network the industry leader in fastest download times with the lowest packet loss for Internet access with service to over 48 countries. In addition to the highest quality Internet performance, EOS-1 Network delivers end-to-end guarantees for private networking.

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Data Center Facility Photo Data Center Facility Photo Data Center Facility Photo Data Center Facility Photo
Data Center Facility Photo Data Center Facility Photo Data Center Facility Photo Data Center Facility Photo

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